"I am running because we need more people in government who have experienced and can relate to the issues facing regular people."

Dear Neighbor,

I am Deb Calvert and I am running to represent you as your next state senator in Senate District 44. I believe that government is only as good as the people we elect to represent us. My husband and I made Minnetonka our home 13 years ago because it was a perfect community in which to raise our family. This area offers a great quality of life and I want to preserve it.

I know how important responsible, balanced, development is to preserving and enhancing our quality of life.That is why I chose to serve on the Minnetonka Planning Commission. I understand accountability, stewardship of our resources, and effective investment of our hard earned tax dollars. That’s why I have worked to elect many sensible public servants.  I learned about pragmatic, effective leadership firsthand while working for Senator Amy Klobuchar in her state office.

Like many of you I have had to be resourceful to help pay the bills. I have run several successful small businesses as a private music teacher as I followed my husband’s career around the country. I will work to create conditions in which self and small employers can thrive to keep our economy strong.

Like many of you, I am helping my kids pay back crushing student debt. If elected, I will join Rep. Jon Applebaum’s efforts to push for comprehensive student debt relief.

Like many of you, I sit in traffic on the way to work. I will push for improved infrastructure and multi-modal transportation, including light rail, to relieve congestion, build sustainable communities, and support our businesses.

Like many of you, I am sandwiched between the needs of my children and the needs of my aging parents. I will be a strong voice for our children and seniors because society is measured by how we treat its most vulnerable. These are real problems that need real solutions from real leaders.

And yet, in St. Paul, there is now a disconnect between what we want from our leaders and how things happen. There is little sense of shared sacrifice or shared experience. The level of polarization and even animosity in politics has reached alarming proportions, and has created an atmosphere of mistrust, resentment, and dysfunction.  I remember the national mood when my husband was serving on an emergency management team in New York after 9/11.  We were Americans first. We were all neighbors.

It shouldn’t take a national tragedy or a natural disaster for us to pull together to fix problems. I love our district, and our state.  I would be humbled to have your support and will work hard to find the creative solutions we need to move our state forward. I ask for your endorsement on May 19th to represent Minnetonka, Plymouth and Woodland at the state capitol.


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