One generation plants the trees, another gets the shade

“Minnesota’s educated workforce attracts employers and fosters entrepreneurship. Our education system needs to evolve with the changing faces and places of our workforce and businesses to ensure everyone has the opportunity to succeed.”

Prioritizing Our Youngest Learners:

The foundation for success is laid early – when kids start school behind, they often stay behind. I will work to expand targeted scholarships for early childhood education for those most at risk of falling behind because quality early childhood education is the most cost effective way to close the achievement gap.

Keeping Our Schools Tops in the Nation:

I will partner with our public schools by working with administrators and teachers to make sure we have high standards for student achievement. I will be a champion for stable funding for high-quality teachers and facilities and make sure that our tax dollars are spent wisely.

Making College Affordable & Accessible:

As the parent of adult children, I know that skyrocketing tuition costs and soaring interest rates on student loans are holding back an entire generation. We also need to help our students graduate with the skills they need to get jobs, pay their debt and start their lives.