Many of us live in Minnetonka in large part because of the natural resources that make this such an attractive place to live.  Time and again, in our city’s vision statement and in public surveys, we vocally express a love for our trees, our lakes, our wetlands, and our streams. I will advocate for smart growth that supports the needs of our changing demographic while protecting these precious natural amenities that make Minnetonka such a special place. That includes enthusiastic support for things like the new discreetly located solar garden arrays that are projected to save the city $21.5 million in just 10 years AND reduce pollution, and support for upgrading our aging water and sewer infrastructure to protect our drinking water quality and prevent unnecessary waste.



Residents who feel safe put down roots – sending their children to public schools, starting local businesses, and strengthening our community. My husband is a retired career wildland firefighter and emergency manager, so I have a deep personal respect for the public servants who put themselves in harm’s way each day to keep us safe. As a city council member I will encourage the collaborative approach our fire and police departments employ, and continue to support the strong bonds they have formed within our community.



After 14 long years of planning, the Southwest Light Rail Transit system has finally acquired the necessary funding to move ahead. I join our city leaders in supporting this important project because it will bring tens of thousands of jobs to the west metro, attract younger residents, relieve traffic congestion, and reduce our carbon footprint. Minnetonka’s demographics are changing, and  we need to be creative and proactive about public transportation to make sure all of our residents can continue to access all that our community has to offer. For example, our seniors should have the choice to ‘age in place’ and have a way to reach the services they want and need.



Our city already leads the way in the things that create our great quality of life, from tree preservation, to clean energy with our solar gardens, to safe neighborhoods, great schools, and a thriving business community. But, as a fully developed community, we will need leaders who are creative, collaborative, and communicative to balance the growth of the economy with the housing and service needs of our friends and neighbors, all while preserving our green space and quiet neighborhood character. I want to build on the strong legacy of partnerships that brought us outstanding community benefits such as the Lindberg Center and the Williston Fitness Center. The multitude of our community and senior programming fosters inclusion, vitality, and quality of life for people of all ages, and is a hallmark of Minnetonka that should continue.



Our city is rapidly changing, and change is inevitable. In our digital age, I will foster open communication between the city and residents by encouraging a multi-modal approach to communications – to meet you where you are. I will be your partner and your champion to guide our city’s decisions by encouraging robust outreach and strong community engagement in the decision-making process. And I will always make my decisions based on the needs of the city, of the residents, and the facts before me.

Minnetonka residents are deeply engaged in city government; consequently the city has developed several tools to ensure your ability to offer input, follow city projects, learn about initiatives and proposals, etc… I will make full use of these, and encourage the continual education about what they are and how to use them.