Deb Calvert Files Her Candidacy for Minnetonka City Council

Minnetonka, MN – May 22, 2017 – Deb Calvert filed her affidavit of candidacy on May 16 for an at-large Minnetonka city council position. “I am running because cities like Minnetonka already lead the way on the things we value – thoughtful development, preservation of our natural resources, fiscal responsibility, safe, open neighborhoods, a thriving business community, great schools, and responsiveness to the changing needs of our neighbors. My husband and I chose to live here many years ago precisely because Minnetonka is such a beautiful, well-run city. I want to build on Minnetonka’s strong legacy of good governance.”

Calvert currently serves as vice-chair on the Minnetonka Planning Commission and works at Mitchell Hamline School of Law as an administrative manager. Prior to her work at Mitchell Hamline, she served in the state office of Senator Amy Klobuchar, whom she admires for putting the interests of her constituents before party politics. From Calvert’s point of view, “The nonpartisan nature of city council governance provides a unique opportunity for leaders to make decisions about what is best for the city based only on the merits of the issues put before them.”

Former mayor, and campaign co-chair, Karen Anderson describes Ms. Calvert as “a person who values communication among multiple points of view to promote positive community engagement. She understands the importance of partnerships in building strong cities and the need for both strategic planning and creativity to meet the challenges and opportunities facing Minnetonka.”

Minnetonka resident Michele Pasko says, “I know Deb has knocked on thousands of doors over the years to learn what is important to residents. Deb will continue Minnetonka’s tradition of wise management that has brought us plentiful parks and green spaces, the Williston Center, programs for our seniors, and so much more. She will put everything she has learned in service of the city.”

Campaign co-chair, Lori Weissman, who served with her as legislative liaisons for several years on the Hopkins School District Legislative Action Coalition (LAC) over a decade ago states, “On the Hopkins LAC, I saw Deb’s passion for public service, dedication to our kids and community, and an incredible work ethic.”  She continues, “I also know Deb has studied regional trends and policy. Those traits, along with Deb’s energy and collaborative spirit will make her an outstanding Minnetonka city council person.”

In the past, Calvert ran several string music programs over the years. She is a past-president of the Suzuki Association of Minnesota, a statewide music teachers’ organization. She is an active member of the League of Women Voters, serves on several nonprofit boards and nonprofit committees, and is a graduate of the Minnetonka Citizens Academy and Minnetonka Police Citizens Academy.

Deb Calvert lives in Minnetonka with her husband of 27 years, Valdo, a retired career federal wildland firefighter and emergency manager. They are the parents of two children who graduated from Hopkins Public Schools.

Candidate Contact Information: | 612-205-5399 |

Campaign Co-Chair: Former Minnetonka Mayor, Karen J. Anderson

Campaign Co-Chair: Community Leader, Lori Weissman

Campaign Treasurer: Community Leader, Michele Pasko