Letter: Support Deb Calvert for Minnetonka City Council

To the Editor:

Deb Calvert would be a wonderful Minnetonka council member. I have known Deb for many years, and it is evident to me that she cares deeply about our community.

Deb has a long history of public service and volunteerism in our community. She currently serves on the Minnetonka Planning Commission, and carefully listens to all views and researches all sides of an issue before making a decision. Deb is one of the hardest workers I know, has exemplary judgment, and will go the extra mile to serve. Deb was one of the first volunteers when I co-founded the Hopkins Legislative Action Coalition (LAC). I saw first-hand how she channels her passion into action as she tirelessly advocated for resources for our students.

Deb Calvert understands the importance of establishing connections with other levels of government to best serve Minnetonka. As a former state representative, I know personally how vital timely communication with informed locally elected officials is, as votes that affect our city are cast at our state capitol.

For these and many more reasons space does not allow me to enumerate, I believe that Deb Calvert will do a great job for us on the Minnetonka City Council. Please join me in voting for Deb on Nov 7.

Yvonne Selcer

Yvonne Selcer is a retired state representative.