Letter: Cwodzinski and Pryor endorse Calvert for Minnetonka City Council

To the Editor:

The two of us have learned a lot during our first year representing Minnetonka in the Minnesota legislature. One of those undeniable truths is that you can tell a lot about how an elected official will govern by how they campaign. That’s why we’re both endorsing Deb Calvert for Minnetonka City Council.

If a candidate campaigns by spending months of nights and weekends knocking on doors to meet and listen to the people they wish to serve, they continue to listen once in office. Deb Calvert is just such a campaigner. Not only is she well-versed in local issues, she does her homework to thoroughly research the concerns she hears about from you at your front doors. Deb is both intelligent and wise, a great combination for moving Minnetonka forward during these challenging times.

Deb is currently trekking all over the city on her bicycle to talk to you because, just like you, she cares about our community and she knows your voices should be heard. Deb is committed to serving our city just as vigorously after the election. She will weigh each council decision based on the facts, your input and the long-term impact to Minnetonka – NOT the loudest voices in the room.

Join us in supporting Deb Calvert and vote for her on Nov. 7.

Steve Cwodzinski

Eden Prairie

Laurie Pryor


Steve Cwodzinski is a Minnesota State Senator (Senate District 48) and Laurie Pryor is a Minnesota House member (House District 48A).