Letter: Former mayor supports Calvert for Minnetonka City Council

To the Editor:

Deb Calvert is intelligent, analytical and energetic, and will work hard for our city. She is a dedicated ‘do-er,’ as evidenced by the thousands of Minnetonka citizens’ doors she has knocked on in the past few months. She is actively seeking our input and listening to us. I am convinced Deb has what it takes to be an incredibly effective city councilor because she is passionate about our city and will continue to listen to our views.

Deb is committed to guiding Minnetonka in a forward direction while basing her decisions firmly in the facts. She advocates for “smart growth:” meeting the needs of our growing city while protecting the things we love about Minnetonka, such as our trees, parks and wetlands. Deb will encourage your input and promote community engagement as the city faces decisions that will affect future generations.

As mayor, I learned how important it is to have ALL voices represented in deciding the policies that will apply to ALL in the community. Deb’s service on the Minnetonka Planning Commission (an advisory board) has proven her dedication to serving our diverse community voices. I heartily endorse Deb Calvert and ask you to vote for her for city council-at-large.

Karen Anderson


Karen Anderson is a former mayor of Minnetonka (1994-2006).