Letter: Support Deb Calvert for Minnetonka city council

To the Editor:

The heart of Minnetonka dwells in the wealth of natural resources. It has always possessed and continues to cherish and protect. Whether past, present or future, how these natural wonders are blended and merged to the never-ending need for healthy progress and growth is the never-ending challenge for all Minnetonkans.

Over these past 22 years, I have raised a family in Minnetonka and over these past (almost) two years, I have worked on the Minnetonka Planning Commission, listening and learning from Deborah Calvert. I have debated Deborah, disagreed with her and found much common ground with her. I have been able to watch how Deborah applies her abundant native intelligence to her continuously diligent studies of the problem at hand. And in that study and analysis, she has found the underlying opportunities, which always exist in any problem, big or small. Deborah’s ability to dive into the details, find the heart of the issue and then carefully analyze and communicate her understanding to the larger community and fellow commissioners is powerful and persuasive.

Now, Deborah Calvert is ready for higher ground.

Deborah’s keen intelligence is acutely aware of Minnetonka’s past and present problems and is ready, willing and able to create a future for Minnetonka that is sensible, sensitive and sanguine to the true needs of every citizen. Therefore, I heartily endorse Deborah Calvert for city council and encourage anyone reading this letter to consider doing the same.

John Powers

John Powers is a Minnetonka planning commissioner.